Our Safety Policy & Procedures

We take product safety seriously


We ensure products carry manufacturer safety information, where required, ensuring our customers are made aware of this safety information. Our safety policy information appears online and a link to this policy and a short summary is automatically emailed to every customer in every order (subject to an accurate email address provided to us) on placement of an order, along with other order information.


All products sold by us carry safety warnings, both online and importantly on the product (or product packaging). Where products are sold in multiple packs, safety information will not necessarily appear on each individual product packet but will appear on the overall multi-pack product packaging.



It should be assumed that products sold by us are not toys, except where stated.

Some products that are clearly not intended for use in play by children such as keyring components, split rings etc may not carry safety information, but it should always be assumed that any such product is not for use in play by children under 14 years of age.

Some product miniatures (keyrings) might have a toy-like appearance but these are very often delicate collectables, designed solely for use by adults.  Any such product will always carry safety information, otherwise it should be assumed that such products are not for children under 14 years of age.

It is always important to take note of product safety warnings and keep such products away from babies and children (or as indicated on the product packaging).  Children who may fall within the age group that may be exposed to products should still be supervised by an adult and sensible precautions taken, where appropriate.



Products not for children age 0-3

Some products are CE marked with an age warning appropriate to the product. These products are usually marked with a 0-3 age warning, meaning they are not for children aged 0-3 years of age. In this case, children in this age group must never be exposed to such products, even if they are supervised.

Products strictly not for children


For certain products that are strictly not for children under 14 years of age, we may contact you to emphasise the safety information that applies to that product, shown online and displayed on product packaging.


Occasionally, the safety information displayed online is of a more general nature so always follow the information shown on the product packaging or label as this is always product-specific and provides the most relevant and applicable safety information.


Why do some products carry two age warnings?

A small number of products carry two age warnings, one being an age recommendation for the product and one being a safety warning. In this case, the age recommendation for the product might be related to adult-themed content that is deemed unsuitable for children of a certain age (this age recommendation might be “16 and over” for example) but the product safety information might state “NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS”. The product safety information is purely referring to the material of the product and bears no relationship to the suitability (in terms of visual design and content) for a child of that age.

In the case of this example, never allow a child under 3 years to use the product but adult/parent discretion is required regarding the suitability of the product for a child aged 4-16 years.


If you find you have ordered, in error, a product which is not for the age group intended, please do not use the product and contact us as soon as possible so we can help you choose an alternative or provide a refund, as required.


Some general safety information:

  • Age warnings are important for safety reasons and must be strictly followed.
  • Check for broken or damaged products or toys and dispose of them. When broken, the item may not be safe.
  • Younger children put things in their mouth so make sure they are not exposed to products with small parts and certainly not products that are not designed for children of that age.
  • Always follow manufacturer instructions as they contain important information, relevant to the product.
  • Ensure older children keep their toys away from younger children as they might not be safe for younger children.
  • Parent or adult supervision is always recommended.



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Last updated March 2013