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Shop for Spooky Keyrings There are 36 products.

Just the keyring you needed to make your keys just that little bit more spooky! Choose from Pumpkin and skeleton keyrings!



  • Big Skeleton Keyrings

    Large & giant size skeleton keyrings. Make great decorations for halloween or any other spooky event!

  • Jointed Skeleton Keyrings

    Jointed skeleton keyrings so your keyring can wave at you! We have lots of other skeleton keyrings in other categories!

  • Premium Spooky Keyrings

    A selection of spooky keyrings, for grown ups! These products aren't for children under 14.

  • Scooby Doo Keyrings

    Scooby Doo spend most of his time running from ghosts, so only seems fitting to appear in our spooky keyring category!

  • Skeleton Keyrings

    A selection of scary skeleton keyrings. Spooky!! We also have jointed skeleton keyrings available in a separate category.

  • Skull Keyrings

    Skull keyrings if you like something a little bit spooky in your pocket!

  • Spooky Face Keyrings

    A selection of bendy spooky face keyrings including pumpkins and skulls from The Keyring Store!

  • Springy Skeleton Keyrings

    Springy jointed skeleton keyrings so you can have bouncy keyrings! We have lots of other skeleton keyrings in other categories!

  • Voodoo Doll Keyrings

    These cute little keyrings aren't scary like their dark, sinister cousins! Available in a huge selection and presented in a little box. They make great gifts. Also available are their smaller siblings... Mini Voodoo Doll Keyrings are also available.

products by page

products by page