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Shop for Accessories There are 106 products.

A selection of accessories including clips, key tags, trolley coins, key caps and split rings


  • Belt Clip Keyrings

    Belt clip clasp hipster keyrings

  • Bottle Openers

    Bottle opener keyrings - A selection of fun shapes

  • Carabiners

    Carabiner keyrings in various styles. These products are all for use as keyring accessories and must NOT be used for climbing purposes.

  • Chain & Rings

    Keychain & keyring parts of keyrings for making your own keyrings and arts and craft.

  • Chain Keyrings

    Belt clip keyrings with a long chain

  • Cuff Keyrings

    Hand Cuff Keyrings - Great for attaching keys to a keychain

  • Hinged Rings

    Hinged opening rings

  • ID Card Holder

    Card holder keyrings ideal for ID Cards, Credit Cards, Membership Cards, Access Cards

  • Jump Rings

    Loops to attach keyrings or keychains to an object

  • Key Caps

    Easily identify your keys with colour coded key caps!

  • Key Fob Tags

    Makes easy identification of keys. Ideal for key cabinets, small offices, hotels, guest houses, motels, inns and schools

  • Multi Ring Keyrings

    Multi Push-release keyrings with removable rings for multiple sets of keys.

  • Phone Cord Keyrings

    Spiral phone cord belt clip keyrings - stretchy phone cord style

  • Pull Apart Keyrings

    Push release pull-apart keyrings

  • Retractable Keyrings

    Retractable belt clip keyrings

  • Split Rings

    Split rings, loops, hoops for keyrings or keychains. Ideal for use with keys or for hobbies and crafts.

products by page

products by page